Emotional Wellness

Who couldn’t use a little pick me up, even on the best day? The USO realizes this and understands that what makes one person calm and relaxed may not work for the next, which is why our centers offer a variety of options to help promote emotional wellness.

For those far from home – or about to leave for a length of time – it’s about staying connected. To help shorten the distance, many USO centers offer service members the chance to record themselves reading a favorite story to their child. Other centers help send “Virtual Hugs & High Fives,” with a recorded video message. All USO centers offer a way to connect through email or phone.

Upcoming Events

  1. USO NAS Pensacola Pokemon Go Event 

    Naval Air Station Pensacola, Center

    153 Ellyson Ave Building 625-D Pensacola, Florida 32508

    Instead of trading Pokemon cards, we will be playing Pokemon Go! 😎 (See flyer attached for more information). This will give our active kids something to do during their Spring Break vacay with other like-minded kids. Come catch em’ all! See flyer f…

    Mar 25th, 2023 11:00 AM CDT (1100R)


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